The Terra delle Gravine Regional Natural Park

Established in 2005,the largest Regional Natural Park of Pugliait spreads patchily on28 thousand hectaresof territory distributed over the area of14 Municipalities, between the highlands of the Taranto Murgia and the Ionian Sea. Identifying elements of the Park areblades and ravines, deep rocky gorges of karst origin formed over time by the joint action of water, which in its natural flow towards the sea has carved out the sides of the soft limestone, of the Mediterranean scrub that covers it, and of man, who from Neolithic has chosen these places to settle there resulting in the birth of aunique anthropized ecosystemand, in many ways still authentic and wild.


In fact, in the whole of Western Europe, there is no such severe and fascinating area with a similar concentration ofbiodiversity, rock villages, archaeological sites, churchescarved into the rock and frescoed in the manner of the Byzantines where we find a vast documentation concerning life, religious values,

the social organization, construction techniques and artistic expressions ofApulian Middle Ages. Closely linked to the rock phenomenon is the city ofMassafra, real"Door" of the Park, whose ravines are characterized by the largest and most accessible villages carved into the rock, second only to the Sassi of Matera.


The Park is also an area ofwidespread knowledge,peasant traditions, uncultivated economy and typical flavors of local food and winethat it is possible to meet in the medieval villages perched on the terraces of the canyons that cross it as well as in thefarmsthat preside over the rural territory, key elements in the history of the local cultural landscape.


A magical world of history, colors and scents that from the Murgia to the Ionian Sea invite you to take a slow and responsible journey. On foot or by bicycle, among itineraries, places, experiences and activities that stimulate the princess of all travelers: curiosity.

Discover the area through itineraries, workshops and guided tours of the cultural and naturalistic heritage of Massafra and its surroundings.

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