The LR 28 December 2012, n. 45, in article 40 established that the information and tourist reception functions were transferred, with effect from 1 July 2013, to the Municipalities. The Pugliapromento Agency carries out functions and coordination tasks of theNetwork of the Tourist Information and Reception System of the Info-Point Offices(formerly known as IAT Offices), promoting the coordinated image and the adjustment of quality standards.


The Regional Network of Tourist Info-Point Offices is an integrated and multilevel network, coordinated byPugliaprofotion agencyand structured interritorial areas corresponding to the tourist areasof the Puglia Region, promoted by Pugliaprofotion, such as: Gargano and Daunia; Imperial Puglia; Bari and the coast; Valle d'Itria and Murgia dei Trulli;Magna Grecia, Murgia and Gravine; Salento.


The Tourist Info-Point office of the Regional Network located inPiazza Garibaldi, in the heart of the historic center, is managed byNuova Hellas Cooperativewith the co-marketing formula and has been present in Massafra since 2016.

It is regularly open all year round according to the indicated times, guaranteeing services, aimed at satisfying the needs and requirements of guests in all phases of the tourist experience (pre, core, post experience), information and tourist reception activities, also in English, through its counters and the presence of qualified front office operators, in compliance with the principles of courtesy, transparency, professionalism, impartiality, clarity and comprehensibility of language, efficiency and effectiveness.


In accordance with the objectives of theRegional Strategic Plan of Tourism in Puglia, theguidelinesconcerning the coordination and qualification of the local tourist reception system, through the regional network of Tourist Info-Point Offices, they define the minimum quality standards that they must guarantee. The Service Charter attached to the guidelines presents the standards of the services offered by the same and defines the methods of delivery.

Discover the area through itineraries, workshops and guided tours of the cultural and naturalistic heritage of Massafra and its surroundings.

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